canada. 16. buddhist. pansexual. lolita. aspiring fashion designer. roller derby girl. lover of cats.
my name is jillian vessey. i am a model for online stores nerdy little secrets, starlight deco dream, and kawaii goods.
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some goals

are unattainable


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I recently set up my online shop, this will eventually become one of my main ways to make money. Right now I am trying to sell things I have leftover from doing school fates to pay for my logo. Sadly this hasn’t been as successful as I’d like it to be.

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SIGNAL BOOST! Help this lovely lady out ♡

shay-bear-lolita asked: Keep staying cute forever and ever, never stop!(≧∇≦)

Awh thank you sweetie! I won’t <3

Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say you're one of the most down to earth and nicest people in the kawaii/lolita community, everything you write is super pleasant and you just seem so lovely overall!! Keep on being awesome ok!!!!

Ahh thank you lovely! Your message made me super super happy <3 I am glowing~ Keep being lovely yourself!

Anonymous asked: i think that youre v. great and stuff but it really bothers me how you said stuff like if you really want to dress that way, then youll take the steps to do it because some people try really hard and just cannot for reasons of money/parents not allowing it/lack of confidence etc and their heart might ache to be able to dress that way but theres just no possible way whatsoever in their current situation to do so im not meaning to offend you i really respect you i just wanted to say that

Okay. I really appreciate your message and your kindness <3 I see what you’re saying and I agree. I was being a little blunt and not really thinking about different circumstances. I just see that stuff a lot so I sort of stopped being so sensitive, which is my fault. Thank you friend for your point of view <3




I DID ANOTHER THING. I got a lot of messages asking me to make more videos after my Kawaii Box review, so here you go  ; u ; Please be gentle as I was (and am) pretty nervous since this is so different from the last video, but I get a loooooot of questions about how I afford brand Lolita at my age and all that pizazz, SO HERE YA GO! 

Head over to my blog to see way more suggestions from lovely lolis in my comm~!

From the thumbnail with the play button covering the “Aff” part of Affording, I seriously thought this was a guide to Hoarding brand. I was like cool, this applies to me. Oh. Wait. :x

Hoarding brand on a budget, step one: throw away your budget.

i am laughing so hard

Anonymous asked: honestly u r cute and adorable and i wish we were friends but following is ok too :)

Awh thank you cutie! 

sew-sweet asked: Hi Jillian! Just wanted to say great video, awesome choice of topic, and I love your personality and the way you talk with your hands! :P Looking forward to more!

Ahh thank you lovely ♡ I was kinda nervous making my second video but messages like your’s make me super happy and reassured. I definitely will make more! Thank you sweetie!